Aloha, I’m Bert Jackson

My diverse and dynamic career spans community leadership, sustainability, digital marketing, foodservice, and music. Hawaii Island is home, and I’ve lived for extended periods on Cape Cod and in the US Virgin Islands. My work has taken me around the US, as well as Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America.

I’ve served as CEO of the Cape Cod Technology Council, Director of Community Engagement for Expedition Blue, the blue economy initiative of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, founder and principal of multiple web development firms, and even owned foodservice establishments. I’ve lived almost all of my life in resort destinations, giving me an understanding of the delicate balance between a visitor economy and sustainability.

I’m an active member of the Sustainability Committee of the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce. Past service includes roles with organizations such as Wellfleet Preservation Hall (Past Board President), the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, the Cape Cod Culinary Incubator (Vice President), the Cape Cod Technology Council (President), the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative, and the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival.

What is KoaDev?

KoaDev is a fusion of my skills in design and marketing, combined with my experience in entrepreneurship and community leadership. I thrive as a catalyst for ideas and enjoy making connections between concepts, people, and resources.

Koa is an iconic Hawaiian tree, its unique wood being used for musical instruments, furniture, and art. It is also a name that means “warrior” or “valiant one”.

Development is how I work. Like film photography, results are based on skill, patience, instinct and vision.

KoaDev is here to help you realize the best for you and your organization. Let’s create something new. New goals. New processes. New perspectives.

As a guitarist, I bring musical thinking—improvisation, practice, harmony—to all of my work.

Listen to music recordings and videos at bertland.com

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